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Many of today’s horses are more often family members than they are work horses. And because they are part of our family we want them live their best life, even when they have acute or chronic illness and need rehabilitative intervention. Daisy Haven Farm, located in scenic southeastern Pennsylvania, focuses on whole horse rehabilitation. We work to develop mental, emotional and physical health and wellness for the horses in our care.

Daisy Bicking collaborates with a team of equine professionals who work together to help the horse heal. The team develops a dynamic rehabilitation plan with specific goals and strategies in mind for the individual animal’s situation. Team members often include, but not limited to:

  • Veterinary Support:
    • Farm Veterinarian
    • Sport Medicine Veterinarian
    • Integrative Veterinarian
    • Holistic Veterinarian
  • Equine Dentists
  • Equine Body Workers
  • Animal Communicators
  • Daisy Haven Farm Team of caretakers and support staff.
Daisy Haven Farm - Mental / Physical / Emotional care for your horse

As the hoof care portion of the Team, Daisy uses innovative techniques to rehabilitate the horse’s hooves, aiming for static, dynamic and neurologic balance. This facilitates the whole horse rehabilitation, giving a stable support base with gravity.

Daisy also uses extensive documentation of the foot via digital photographs, videos and radiographs to objectively track the progress of the horse’s health over time.

Daisy Haven Farm is a full care facility providing basic and advanced supportive care to best suit the horses individual needs. Daisy also maintains a scheduled hoof care practice, traveling around the northeast USA and will travel to other areas of the world for special cases. Please inquire HERE for more information about Daisy’s travel availability.

If you are interested in Daisy Haven Farm’s on-site rehabilitation program to help your horse, please complete the form below. If you have an urgent situation please also call or text the office at (610) 476-6900. We will respond promptly.

Remote consultations are also available with Daisy via phone and/or zoom. Request a consultation.

Daisy loves to help others become successful in their hoof care goals, if you would be interested in learning how Daisy can help you click HERE.

Daisy Haven Farm
Daisy Haven Farm
Daisy Haven Farm

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