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Welcome to Daisy Haven Farm!
Daisy founded Daisy Haven Farm in 2004, dedicated to rehabilitation of the horse's foot. Daisy helps many horses through her own work, and by teaching others.

About Daisy

Daisy A. Bicking owns and operates Daisy Haven Farm, Inc. in South Eastern Pennsylvania.

Daisy started in hoof care in 2003 when her own horse foundered. Quickly realizing her passion for feet motivated Daisy to start Daisy Haven Farm, Inc. which rehabilitates the equine foot on and off site, specializing in horses with metabolic disorders and laminitis. Daisy has studied a broad spectrum of barefoot trimming styles, composite material applications, and other alternative support options with KC LaPierre, ELPO, Monique Craig, Mike Salvoldi, and more. She attends the Int'l Hoof Care Summit, The Laminitis Conference and other seminars annually.

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