This is a fast paced course looking in depth at hoof balance and how to help horses with innovative techniques using diverse assessment methods to develop a plan. Whether shod or barefoot, performance or rehabilitation, often using build techniques with glue-on composite shoes.

Please contact Megan Matters for registration:

Tuesday December 3rd:
  • AM: Discussion on the Hoof and Horse: Anatomy, Balance, Locomotion, Posture, Dentistry etc.
  • PM: Demo/hands-on cadavers mapping/trimming
Wednesday December 4th:
  • AM: Glue-on Composite Shoe lecture/overview
  • PM: Live Horse Demo: glueing, nailing, hoof casting, performance and therapeutic applications
Thursday December 5th
  • AM: Hand-on gluing practice on cadavers
  • PM: Pathology lecture, -itis!, Navicular, Ringbone, Laminitis
Friday December 6th:
  • All Day: More hands-on practice using the full process on live horses: assessment, mapping, trimming, and gluing.
Australia Upper Corindi , NSW