When Your Frog is Down: Repairing Prolapsed Frogs

A prolapsed frog is where the frog, sensitive frog, and digital cushion have fallen below the height of the wall in the heels, basically the heel arch collapses. This is more than just a low heeled horse or overgrown frog that needs trimming. It is an actual displacement of the soft tissue in the back of the foot.

Hoof Resection Isn't a Dirty Word: Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, I discussed how hoof resection can be difficult to clearly define amongst hoof professionals because there are many opinions about what they involve.

The key message from that blog was this:

Hoof Resection Isn't a Dirty Word: Part 1

Hoof resections are one of those terms in hoof care that can mean different things to different people, ranging from debriding a hoof crack to removal of the wall in laminitis. Most hoof professional's opinions of resections, for or against, fall into the category of "convictions on the level of religion" which makes discussing them typically quite heated.