Laminitis And The Laminar Wedge: Take It Or Leave It

Laminitis is one of the biggest hoof problems we encounter as hoof care providers. I have studied laminitis for the past 12 years extensively, presenting on laminitis at the Laminitis Conference in Florida and the International Hoof Care Summit in Ohio. I have won an award for a scientific poster on Maggot Debridement Therapy used for abscessing in chronically laminitic horses. I have helped acute and chronic horses who have laminitis from metabolic disorders, grain overload, retained placenta, lyme disease, mechanical leverage and more.

Nailing EasyShoes: It's a Clinch

This blog is not intended to teach you how to nail without hands-on instruction and is intended for hoof care practiotioners who wish to expand their practice into nailing composite shoes. Unless you are a trained professional, please do not attempt nailing on composite shoes. In nine years of working with composite shoes, I’ve learned to appreciate a couple of well-placed nails, especially when used in combination with some glue, the nails aren’t hard on the foot, and when needed, have more advantages than disadvantages.