On Cloud 9 About Easyboot Clouds

Doing hoof rehabilitation work every day, I'm always interested in anything that will help me keep the horses I work on more comfortable.  When I learned EasyCare was coming out with the Cloud I was hoping the boot would be a good option for my clients, and I have not been disappointed!  

DHF Addressing Hoof Distortion: Slippering Heels

There are many ideas surrounding how to address the back of the foot with our trim. Heels, bars, frog...some trimming techniques are more aggressive than others, recommending more or less removal of material.

I was taught a trimming technique to address distortion in the heels by Dr. Judith Shoemaker, a stellar veterinarian who practices complimentary medicine in Nottingham, PA. Heel slippering!

Body Condition: It's a Weighty Question

As farriers, we are often asked general questions about the horses we see on a daily basis. What fly spray do we like, or what feed would we recommend? We also get questions about the horse's body condition and weight, which can be a very touchy subject. No one wants to hear their horse is obese. Because I deal with so many horses who founder from metabolic disease, I see many obese horses. If your horse is fat, I'm going to tell you he's fat, and expect you to help him lose weight. Tough love.

CFGP: Certification Opportunity for Glue Practitioners

Every day I approach the horses I work on with enthusiasm. I love what I do. I love helping horses and I love the materials I am able to help them with: glue and composite shoes. I am excited to be able to share with you my experience earning a farrier certification with a well respected organization based on these progressive materials. The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization CFGP: Certified Farrier Glue Practitioner.