Hoof Radiographs: They Give You X-Ray Vision - Part Two

In my EasyCare blog last month I discussed how to get accurately acquired, measurable radiographs (X-rays). So now that you have your fabulous radiographs what do you do with them? Many veterinarians don't think to offer radiographs for hoof balancing to the farrier because they believe the farrier doesn't know what to do with them, and they might be right.

Hoof Radiographs: They Give You X-Ray Vision - Part One

There is so much about the foot we are expected to interpret from external landmarks: sole depth, toe length, heel height, position of the bones, soft tissue inside the capsule, and more! Most of us hoof care providers can get really close in our assessment of the feet we work on, however, we all have some percentage of our horses that we feel a little less certain about. It might be a horse with very distorted feet, or a specific pathology that muddies the waters a bit.